how long does it take for the photos to be made available online in your portal?
We will try to have all of your photos filtered down, edited and retouched within 5 - 10 days of the photoshoot in most cases. However, if you require a select few, for example to post online for friends and family, or for thank you cards etc. we can turn these around much quicker, sometimes within 24 - 48 hours upon request.

how many photos do you take on average?
We will take thousands of pictures for a full day wedding, with many of these being duplicates, especially if there is a second shooter. For the final edited and delivered images, we usually aim for between 300 - 400 images for a full day shoot. We feel this is a good selection and covers every aspect of the wedding day, from the getting ready to the first dance and parties. Any more than this and it can be a bit overwhelming to sort through. 

are the images provided copyright/royalty free?
All of the final images delivered to you contain COPYRIGHT and CANNOT be used for COMMERCIAL USE. We allow you to use the delivered images for PERSONAL USE ONLY and for printing with your chosen supplier, or for using our print services. You can download your images as many times as you wish and distribute them to whoever you wish, but we do ask that the images are used for YOURSELVES, FRIENDS OR FAMILY ONLY. If they are used online, please let people know who provided them to you ;) (please see our terms for more information)
​​​​​​​do you provide a wedding album?
Our top package (Package 3) includes our best quality album;
the photo album exclusive box (worth £450!) which is a studio quality 30 x 30 cm (12 x 12 inch**) lay-flat photo album box. 
Make sure to take a look at our album examples page for some albums we have done for our clients. There are numerous customisation features, including laser engraving/embossing, acrylic windows, 800gsm paper, leatherette covers, fabric covers, USB sticks, album boxes, the list is endless. Please specify if this is something you require and we can show a sample to give you an idea when you place a booking. 
If you would like to take a look at more of the options and swatches available please view our swatches page for available textiles, finishes and colours (all vegan friendly).

​​​​​​​can I have a look at the options available for my album colours, textiles and finishes?
Take a look at our swatches page for all the available textiles, finishes and colours (all vegan friendly, finishes and textiles subject to change and availability)

do you provide a pre-wedding photoshoot?
All our full day packages include the pre-wedding shoot, and we recommend that this is booked with us (for no additional cost) up to a month before your wedding. This is so we can get to know you, and you can get to know us, including the camera. A lot of people are camera shy, and this is a common worry. We try to be as friendly and informal as possible, so you feel like we are not really there. The pre-wedding photoshoot also makes both the couple and the photographer more comfortable, so on the 'big day' you are just worrying about the day itself and not where the lens is pointing. 

do you provide an online portal for the images to be downloaded?
We provide an encrypted, secure online portal of all your final edited images with password protection so only you can see the images. From there you can favourite images, and even hide them if you so wish. We use shootproof for our online image storage, who are the industry leaders for this service. Please see our privacy page on how we store your information.

do you provide the original RAW files?
RAW files are like digital negatives, they are how the images come straight out of camera. 
They are un-edited, un-sharpened, un-profiled, and would not look anything like the final images we provide to you. 
We will spend many hours making sure the final images you receive are the best quality we can make them. Providing you with RAW files would remove all of this work, not to mention there are only a handful of good applications that can process RAW files properly. 
We therefore will not provide RAW files to you.

do you provide printing services?
We use shootproof for our online image portal, from there you can order prints, we even provide a print package for ease of ordering, just login to your portal for more information.
do I/we have to sign a contract?
In order for evergoodstudios to provide services to you, we require that you sign a contract. This protects both us (evergoodstudios photography) and you (the client). You will have an online copy of this contract to view whenever you wish. The contract is signed digitally by all parties, again stored digitally via View our terms for a preview of our contract.

what area(s) do you cover?
We mainly cover most of Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. But we have travelled further, and really do not let distance be a problem. Let us worry about getting there and you worry about the speeches and the outfit!

do you have backup camera(s) in case something goes wrong?
We have backups of everything, including lenses, cameras, memory cards, images, flashes etc. You are paying for the knowledge and security that whatever happens, even if our equipment fails, your day will be captured regardless.

are the online galleries available forever?
We will keep online access to your photos for 18 months after your photoshoot.
Unfortunately due to costs of server space and backup, the albums cannot remain online indefinitely. 
The albums are archived offline, though, so if you need to get them back after this date, we can restore them for you at any time.

do you have liability and accident insurance?
Yes we do, and we can provide a certificate if your venue requires it, please just ask us for a copy.

do you offer event insurance for cancellations of venues / attire / suppliers etc.?
We do not offer this ourselves, but we do recommend 'Event Insurance Services' as our preferred suppliers of event insurance, 
to illustrate the extent of their cover, please see below;
Wedding Cancellation, Wedding Attire, Wedding Photos & Video, Wedding Rings, Wedding Presents, Wedding Cake, Flowers & Transport, Wedding Reception Insurance, Failure of Suppliers and Public Liability of £5 million (which can be upgraded to £10m (if required). 
This piece of mind and comprehensive cover comes at a very affordable price and their policies start at just over £50! Please just follow this link;
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