I had the privilege of capturing the magic of Tammy & Jake's glorious day, where the sun itself seemed to bless these two lovely people. Nestled just outside of Whitwell in Chesterfield, Van Dyk by Wildes serves as the perfect canvas for this sun-soaked celebration. With its picturesque garden and charming architecture, it provided an enchanting backdrop for the couple's special day. The sunny weather only added to the venue's allure, enhancing its natural beauty.
As the ceremony unfolded beneath the vast blue sky, it felt like a scene from a fairy tale. The azure backdrop provided an exquisite contrast to the couple's love. Here, take a glimpse at some cherished moments from the ceremony, where the sun blessed every vow and every exchange of rings ...
The reception area at Van Dyk by Wildes came alive with the golden glow of the sun. Decorations glistened, and laughter echoed as guests celebrated the newlyweds. In these photos, witness the joy and jubilation that filled the air, making this reception truly unforgettable...

As the sun began its descent, the dance floor came alive with energy and enthusiasm. Guests danced under the warm, golden hues of the setting sun, creating an atmosphere of pure bliss. We managed to sneak off to get some intimate portraits, what an evening!
Here are some lively snapshots from this joyous evening celebration...
I am profoundly grateful to have been part of this extraordinary day, capturing moments bathed in sunlight and love. It serves as a reminder that the perfect weather can elevate a wedding to something truly magical. 
If you're envisioning a sunny outdoor wedding, I would be honored to capture your special day.
If you're dreaming of a sun-kissed celebration like this one, reach out to me
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